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FS Realty – The first developer in Rajasthan to offer RERA compliant homes

FS Realty is all set to change the Jaipur real estate scenario with their first RERA approved project. In the few years of its operation, the company has...

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Pink City Booms

Fondly know as the Pink City, Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan. Although known for its rich textiles, world class education and tourist destination...

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CREDAI Investiture Ceremony

First Stone strongly endorses its motto – For a better world. Committed and persevering, we have always made efforts towards sustainability and green development...

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Life at FS Realty's Community Living

Man is a social animal. The idea of people living close to each other and following similar traditions and lifestyle is very appealing to a person from any religion...

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Real Estate Will Now Prosper On Transparency

Waiting to get your property’s possession? Your dream home project gone on hold?...

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In the land of flats

Housing is a basic human need after clothing and food. However, unlike clothing and food which can be produced as per demand, housing faces the limitation of availability of land...

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Community Living – The Modern Village

It is almost impossible to remember a time when India resided in villages. The fast food and fast life generation has moved on to urbanization and modernization...

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