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It is almost impossible to remember a time when India resided in villages. The fast food and fast life generation has moved on to urbanization and modernization. However, if I were to tell you that the village living was back in trend. Would you believe me?

I am sure you would not. Let’s look at it objectively. If I were to define ‘village’ the easiest definition would be a community of people who dwelled in proximity and followed certain common principals and traditions. The upcoming trend in the realty industry today is Community Living. This can be defined as a community of people who live in vicinity and share common culture, interests and mindset. Sounds convincing? Still can’t digest it?

Let’s consider this – like any regular functioning society the youth goes out to work with the promise to run the household. The same happened in the villages and the same tradition is carried forward to our modern times. With one vital difference – urbanization made people move out of their villages, followed by globalization that made people leave one’s own country for a better lifestyle.

This has really made nuclear families feel lonely, especially in a country like India where having close-knit families is almost like a norm. This is exactly why Community Living has become popular here. To think of Community Living without FS Realty would be incomplete. FS Realty has become synonymous to the concept.

There are many tangible and intangible advantages; the most important reason being security followed by the desire to maintain and pass on the heritage. FS Realty has brought back a sense of belongingness with modern amenities and luxurious lifestyle and a support system from people who may not be your immediate family. Thus all in all this is the most beneficial setting that one can find in the city today. And when it is associated with a trustworthy name like FS Realty, it ends your search for your dream destination right there.

Posted on 13/03/2017


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