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Housing is a basic human need after clothing and food. However, unlike clothing and food which can be produced as per demand, housing faces the limitation of availability of land. Thus the traditional individual houses, bungalows and villas today are facing a second thought. There was a time when bungalows and huge villas enjoyed the prestige and reputation of being owner by the richer class of the society. Flats were a forced option to those who could not afford their individual humble abodes. Today, nonetheless, scenario is taking an acute turn. Apartments are an upcoming and preferred choice for most people. There are many reasons for this shift from bungalows to flat phenomenon.

The cost of a home has sky rocketed in past few years. It is almost impossible for a working professional to buy a property and then construct a home on it. On the other hand flats offer attractive loan schemes and you can choose homes as per your requirement. Apartments also work as an investment which can be given away on rent.

Urbanisation is another crucial factor that has led to inclination towards flats. With people constantly moving to metro cities they need a place to stay too. Builders are meeting this requirement by offering diversified apartment options to home seekers. The latest amenities and features that a flat offers are hard to ignore. These amenities help you maintain an ultra modern life which living alone in a bungalow cannot happen. Clubhouse, spa and sauna, swimming pools and decks, conference rooms and banquets, water bodies and landscapes are some of the commonly available features.

Another very important aspect is security. Instead of hiring personnel and spending on other security measures, flats already come equipped with hi-tech security measures like CCTV surveillance, access cards on entry and exit, fire fighting system, RCC framed structures and so on.

Posted on 15/03/2017


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